About Accessible Law

Accessible Law is a student-run publication with the primary purpose of publishing a multimedia journal that provides the public with access to justice. Accessible Law is designed to address legal topics of interest to the public. Topics are presented in a multimedia format such as: articles, videos, columns, forms, photos, audio or other media, as determined by the membership of the journal.  Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions, and together with several faculty advisors, Accessible Law publishes full editions twice per year and standalone media continuously throughout the year.

Accessible Law publishes articles and videos by professors, practitioners, and experts in the legal field. All contributions go through an editorial process. Journal members may also contribute pieces in the form of articles, images, or other media. All student pieces are subject to a rigorous editorial process.

Accessible Law welcomes submissions of, and proposals for, pieces for recently published or forthcoming publications. Contributors to Accessible Law must comply with specific publishing standards.  The publishing standard and instructions for submitting content may be obtained by contacting us.

The information and opinions published by Accessible Law are offered for educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

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