Employment Law

Top 10 Employment Law Mistakes By Employers
By: Stacy Bruce, Partner – Cobb Martinez Woodward PLLC

Overcoming Gender-Based Pay Discrimination
By: Karen Fitzgerald -  Fitzgerald Law

Lawful Employment in the United States for Foreign Workers: Common Myths and Misconceptions of Employment-Based Petitions In The COVID-19 Era
By: Janelle Portugal, Immigration Attorney - The Law Offices of Kenneth G. Wincorn & Associates, P.C.

In The COVID-19 Era Courts Deliver Extra Protection To “Gig Economy” Workers
By: Ashley Pileika

Essential: Employee Rights And Considerations During The COVID-19 Pandemic
By: Javier Perez, Founder & Managing Partner - Perez Law

Legislation and ordinances related to the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 may affect standard outcomes.
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