Probate And Special Needs

Probate And Special Needs

Tresi Weeks 
Attorney and Founder — The Weeks Law Firm, PLLC

Chris Krupa Downs 
Attorney — The Weeks Law Firm, PLLC


Attorneys Tresi Weeks and Chris Krupa Downs of The Weeks Law Firm, PLLC address issues to consider when an Estate has an heir or beneficiary with special needs. In this video, Tresi and Chris answer the following questions:

1) What is probate?

2) What is difference between a will and an estate?

3) How is probate process affected if an heir or beneficiary has special needs?

4) What if parents did proper estate planning for a child with a disability?

5) How is probate affected if parents did not establish a special needs trust before their death?

6) What can be done to address these concerns?



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