Stories On Social Media: Connecting People To Housing Help

Stories On Social Media: Connecting People To Housing Help

Rachel Cohen-Miller
Attorney – Disability Rights Texas
Evelyn Mayo
Paralegal – Disability Rights Texas

Spring 2020 ISSUE:

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We’ve all seen it.

Posts in local or nationwide groups or forums about:

  • mold making someone’s kids sick,
  • a landlord or Home Owners Association (HOA) not allowing someone to have an emotional support animal (or charging huge fees to have one);
  • an HOA that refuses to allow you to build a ramp, or harasses a resident because the resident's home health provider needs to park on the street; or
  • a landlord or HOA not understanding that someone's autistic daughter was loud because she had an especially bad day.

This is the short list. We are sure you could write a book about what you’ve seen.

When you see posts like those, YOU can be a social media super hero.

To help people handle housing situations, Rachel Cohen-Miller and Evelyn Mayo with Disability Rights Texas, have created a short guide and YOU can lead people to it by copying this link: and pasting it into a comment, or a direct or private message. You'll be the social media super hero by sending the person to this guide.




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